... A fertile breeding ground for international events!

It is undeniable that Belgium is, and has been for many years, an extremely fertile ground for many event professions. The MICE activity is a perfect example of this ... especially since the first Belgian Presidency of the European Union in 2001!

This statement is also valid for many other event activities, whether cultural, sporting or festival activities! A few examples that perfectly illustrate that our country is internationally recognised for its capacity to host many large-scale international events:


  • The European Councils
  • The European Development Days
  • The European Anti-Poverty Network Days
  • Ronquières Festival
  • The Francofolies de Spa
  • The Voo Rire Festival
  • Tomorrowland
  • « Sois belge et tais-toi ! »
  • The Spa-Francorchamps F1 Grand Prix
  • The Werchter Festivals
  • The Dour Festival
  • The Magritte du cinéma

The list is long and makes it possible to realise, also, the importance that this event sector has in the economic life of our country, but also in the showcase that they represent for our country, abroad ... Not really "non-essential", all things considered!

... a country made up of regions and communities!

The complexity of our country, which also demonstrates, let's be honest, the richness of its democracy, is its network of federal, regional and community competences ... Indeed, some event activities are under the authority of regional entities; in particular, cultural activities, which often fall through the cracks of this complicated system! This, as we see every day, has an enormous impact on the capacity for initiative and/or decision-making at the various levels of power.

... a motto: "Unity makes strength"!

In the context of this crisis, the events sector has decided to federate through an association that represents it before the authorities! A large number of associations representing the activities and/or trades of the event industry, as well as companies active in the sector, have therefore joined the "Event Confederation" association. They are, in a way, the voice of the sector in dealings with the authorities, as part of the plan to manage the current crisis!

For more details and/or to become a member, below is the link that will redirect you to their website: Event Confederation – Event Confederation website (event-confederation.be)